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87% of the world’s air travelers don’t know their rights, and 68% of them feel as if they are not given the information they need by the airlines. AirHelp fights for their rights and uses our industry expertise to inform, educate, and assist passengers who have experienced ...
Leitbild: We want to create a better experience for air passengers and airlines when flights are delayed by promoting and enforcing air passenger rights all over the world.

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Henrik Zillmer
Henrik Zillmer
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2. Okt 2019 - CMO in Berlin, Berlin
Positive Prognose
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freundliche Arbeitsatmosphäre / professionelles Team


sehr agiler und dynamischer Markt
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  1. Vorstellungsgespräch für eine Beschäftigung als Senior Marketing Analyst

    Anonymer Mitarbeiter in Deutschland
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    Negative Erfahrung
    Durchschnittl. Gespräch

    Ich habe mich online beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert bei AirHelp (Deutschland)


    First HR interview followed up with interview Lead Analyst.

    Actually, I have passed interviews and arrived to reference check & paperwork stage.
    I was applying for this position in Berlin, from a non-EU country. This information is written on my CV and I talked to HR about Blue Card process. Everything normal. They offer relocation assistance for this position and they have already relocated several non-EU citizens.

    They have asked for my university diploma to make an initial check with the visa agency about my Blue Card application. And they told me that:
    1- My diploma is not recognised in Germany
    2- I don’t have relevant experience
    3- It’s impossible for me to get a Blue Card, even standard work permit is a ‘maybe’

    I have explained them none of them is true (Since I wanted to move to Berlin deliberately, I did all my pre-work long before their offer.) . But they did not CARE.

    Today I’m working at Berlin, doing a very similar job in another company. I have my Blue Card valid until 2024.
    And also, the university degree they think not recognised in Germany is a B.Sc. degree from Istanbul Technical University. ITU is one of the most prestigious universities and by far the best engineering school of Turkey. You need to score in the top 0.01% of university entrance exam just to get into this school.

I guess ‘Justice as a service’ is only for their paying customers :)

    Questions about how the tackle challenges if digital marketing in such an unusual business model.

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